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First United Methodist Church
A lifelong member, Wesley Odom has supported his church with his time, talents, and money. He currently serves as a teacher and historian.

Friends of St. John’s Cemetery Foundation
Established in 1876, St. John’s Cemetery is Pensacola’s largest historic cemetery. Because of his interest in the area’s history, Wesley was elected Vice President of the non-profit group that preserves the memory of those interred in St. John’s. He has been involved with revamping the website and improving the database.

Friends of the Saenger
Pensacola’s historic Saenger Theater is often the center of activity for the performing arts. The non-profit group, Friends of the Saenger, is the theater’s biggest financial supporter. Wesley has been a patron of this group since 2006. He has served on the board of directors, assisted with and led fundraisers. In 2010, he donated a documentary that he directed about how Pensacola has been depicted in film and music over the last 90 years. Armada Advisors was one of the large sponsors in the original premiere of this documentary. He was elected president of the organization in 2010.

Naval Aviation Museum Foundation
The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc. is the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational and fundraising organization that supports the development of the National Naval Aviation Museum. Since its founding in 1966, the Foundation has raised tens of millions of dollars to fund construction of the Museum; recovery and restoration of historic aircraft; development and expansion of Museum exhibits; and a host of educational programs designed "to Inspire and Educate" by teaching the history of Naval Aviation and the principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) via the challenges of human flight. Armada Advisors has been a corporate sponsor since 2011.

North Hill Preservation Association (NHPA)
Armada Advisors is located in North Hill, which is a federally recognized historic district. (Wesley Odom’s home is only 5.5 blocks away in the same district.) Wesley has been a member of the neighborhood organization, NHPA, since 1998. He has served on the board and as president for two terms. He values the unique character of the neighborhood and the importance of historic preservation.

Sons of the American Revolution (SAR)
Wesley Odom is proud of his ancestors’ involvement in the birth of this nation and is a member of the local SAR chapter. Besides having served as president, he has orchestrated local events like the Battle of Pensacola celebration that attracted over 2000 people and authored a book, The Longest Siege of the American Revolution: Pensacola.

Panhandle Tiger Bay Club
Established in 1977, the Tiger Bay Club is a diverse, non-partisan group of men and women who are interested in public policy issues and politics. Wesley Odom was invited to join the group in