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Headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, Armada Advisors is a registered investment advisor that assists clients with financial securities and retirement planning-- either discretionary and non-discretionary. Wesley Odom, its Principal, also can serve as trustee. Just as single ships became lost at sea during times of old, Armada Advisors believes that coming together in a group—as an armada—offers better chances of success in reaching our client’s individual objectives.
There is no better time to chart a better course for your financial future than now. Find out more information about Armada Advisors by watching our videos, "Who We Are" and "How We're Different". Also, subscribe free of charge to our periodic, time-sensitive video-casts that relay important commentary. To register for this complimentary service, click here.
610 N Spring Street Pensacola, FL 32501 Toll Free: 877-610-2009 Phone: 850-497-6167 www.ArmadaAdvisors.com